Dec. 12, 2019

#36 - Discussing Tampa General Hospital's new CareComm Center with Dr. Peter Chang

#36 - Discussing Tampa General Hospital's new CareComm Center with Dr. Peter Chang

On this episode of the podcast, we had on Dr. Peter Chang, VP of Care Transitions at Tampa General Hospital and the driving force behind Tampa General Hospital's new CareComm Center

The CareComm Center was created to harness predictive analytics to help improve patient experience, operations, and outcomes.

On this episode, we focused on the following:

- The challenges of implementing such a transformative initiative.

- The biggest hurdles in building the command center.

- How the command center may evolve over the next year or five years.

- Other key metrics TGH hopes to achieve with CareComm.

To learn more about the CareComm Center, Tampa General Hospital, and Dr. Peter Chang, please use the links below. 

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