July 20, 2020

#54 - Dr. Mimi Winsberg, Chief Medical Officer of Brightside Health

#54 - Dr. Mimi Winsberg, Chief Medical Officer of Brightside Health

Our guest this week: Dr. Mimi Winsberg, Chief Medical Advisor of Brightside Health.

"Thirty million people struggle with depression and anxiety each year. Yet, fewer than half of people who need care get it due to lack of access, affordability, and cultural stigmas that make people hesitant to seek treatment.   We can do better. Within just 12 weeks, 80% of Brightside members start to feel better. Brightside makes it simple and affordable to get expert, personalized treatment for depression and anxiety––all from the comfort of home. Delivered by expert, caring doctors and therapists, they combine evidence-based treatment approaches with the latest technology to deliver the best care available.  Their mission is to help people lead healthy, vital, and productive lives by making it easy and affordable to get high-quality depression and anxiety care."

On this episode, we discussed:

- Her background

- How she got to where he is today?

- What is Brightside Health?

- What's next?

- ...and much more!


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