Sept. 8, 2020

#55 - Edouard Gaussen, Co-Founder & CEO of Mantra Health

#55 - Edouard Gaussen, Co-Founder & CEO of Mantra Health

Our guest this week: Edouard Gaussen, Co-Founder & CEO of Mantra Health.

"Mantra Health is a NY-based, digital mental health company on a mission to improve access to evidence-based psychiatry and therapy for all university students in the country. Using its proprietary Collaboration Portal, Mantra develops custom, integrated telemental health programs that improve clinical outcomes and reduce time to access care for universities of all sizes. Mantra is founded by a Columbia Psychiatrist and two former startup operators and venture capitalists.."

On this episode, we discussed:

- His background

- How he got to where he is today?

- What is Mantra Health?

- What's next?

- ...and much more!


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